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Lightning Hybrids to Host Ride Along at BusCon

August 7 2012

Take a test ride in the world’s most cost effective shuttle bus only at BusCon!

Lightning Hybrids is hosting the most cutting edge ride on Navy Pier in their hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus. The retrofit hydraulic hybrid system delivers up to 40% improvement in fuel economy made possible by regenerating braking energy -- and it has more power for acceleration and stopping!  At $19,995 for the hybrid retrofit, it provides a 2-3 year payback for stop-and-go drive cycles based on fuel and brake savings. (Find out what your return on investment would be here.) The Lightning Hybrids retrofit hydraulic hybrid demo system for the BusCon Ride Along is applied to a 2012 Ford E-450 from Davey Coach.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ride the Lightning Hybrids hydraulic bus at BusCon. Space is limited so sign up at booth #901 during exhibit hall hours to get a spot! FREE Hat and T-Shirt to all registered riders! Visit for more information!

Lightning Hybrids Ride Along Schedule*

Tuesday, September 11,  2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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